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POSTED ON April 3, 2017

Every parent expects from the school management to look after their children and keep them away from all negative things. No doubt your campus is one of the best schools in town but have you realized that your students are exposed to various types of dangerous diseases that may affect their health, decrease the attendance and reduce their growth level? Poor cleaning measurements are one of the biggest reasons for this tendency in schools. So we jotted down some real reasons from our experience of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. And hope that your campus is safe from below mentioned issues.

Dirty Desks & Benches

When students are learning, especially young ones, they do not care where they are sitting and this is where you should pay attention. The benches and desks that they use on routine basis should be clean and have no dust or dirt marks containing unseen germs. As a responsible school management, it is your responsibility to keep the benches and desks clean enough that your students can use them without developing any disease. And to check for cleanliness takes only few seconds so do it on routine basis to make sure that your students are sitting on clean desks.

No Waste Management

Kitchens and canteen areas are the strongest prospects of germs and diseases if you fail to pay attention to this part of your campus. During the breaks the children rush to feed their hunger and throw food on floor, tables and almost anywhere they sit on while eating. These leftovers and wasted food increase your problems in keeping your school clean and student safe. And the worst thing happens when your school management does not have any plan to deal with this waste. If your in-house cleaning staff is not sufficient for handling waste management, you may contract with a cleaning company in Abu Dhabi that has proper knowledge and experience to handle wastes.

Miserable Toilets

Toilets require special attention on your part to keep them clean and safe to be used multiple times during the day. From commodes to tabs and mirrors to sinks you need to review the cleaning conditions of your toilets if you really want to keep the children safe. When you check toilets for cleaning measurements, you need to keep few things in mind. Only visible stains are not enough to declare a toilet unclean as most of the germs are not visible to naked eyes. So be wise and add a special toilet treatment into your cleaning arsenal to keep the toilets clean. You may get professional’s help to deal with unclean toilets and make the toilets clean again.

Messy Playgrounds

Kids are kids but it is your responsibility to keep the playgrounds and pathways clean. They are habitual of throwing everything away while they play, study or spend fun time with their classmates. And after all these activities, they leave behind crippled papers, wrappers and different things that make your campus dirty. You may hire professional cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi to keep the grounds clean and handle with this littering issue in a smart way.