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POSTED ON August 5, 2017

Summer is on its peak and you, like majority of hotel owners, would be hoping to see more customers in your hotel, right? There are some hotels that are enjoying more sales, happy customers and back to back reservation inquiries but are you in the list of these hotels or not? As the provider commercial cleaning services Abu Dhabi, we have noticed some patterns on which they work and retain the interest and maintain the trust of their customers. So here are those missing things that your hotel badly needs in order to get more check-ins during peak hours and make profit.


Use your hotel management experience and ask what a customer seeks when booking a hotel in Abu Dhabi and you’ll find the answers instantly. They might be travelling to Abu Dhabi to attend a meeting or maybe explore this beautiful Emirate of UAE for few weeks. And it is your duty that they don’t find themselves waiting for you to complete the cleaning process of the room every time they call in for housekeeping. Work on your housekeeping service and if you lack in terms of staff, you may always get help from the third party providers of commercial cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and prevent any bad experience in future.


In hotel business, the presentation is everything and if you fail to impress the guests with your hotel’s amazing first impression then you’re going to lose them. One common place that people notice while staying in your hotel is the lobby area that they also use frequent time during the day (or at any time) and you can’t ignore its cleaning condition. The floor should be thoroughly cleaned and dried as no one want to walk on a wet floor and slip away while passing through the lobby. And if your lobby’s floor condition is worse than that in terms of stain marks, you need to contact commercial cleaning services in Abu Dhabi that offer steam cleaning solutions.


People choose a hotel specifically for thing i.e. they want to experience special treatment with respect to meal serving and tasty food of your hotel. You hired amazing chefs, beautifully arranged the hotel’s dining area but what if they still find discomfort while eating? The reason could be smelly and unhygienic place that is decreasing the value of your cooking crew’s magical cooking talent. Or what if they want to visit the kitchen area that depicts the story of your carelessness with respect to its cleanliness? There are providers of commercial cleaning services in Abu Dhabi that may come handy for maintaining your dining area and kitchen and appealing (and clean) manner.


When they choose you, or any hotel, they want to be treated like a prince (or maybe princess) and you have to bring this element in their overall experience. In hotels, the laundry service effects the overall reputation and you should not neglect this ever. If you don’t own an in-house laundry staff then you may get help from a third party service provider to keep your customers happy. Consult with the provider of commercial cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and see if they offer the laundry system (that in most cases they do) and make your hotel awesome to gain more customers.