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5 Best Cleaning Tools for Busy Moms

POSTED ON December 6, 2016

After serving professional cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we’ve noticed the problems of those women that are committed to their children or rushing to work. In this conundrum they often find cleaning hard and fail to maintain the gleaming and neat appearance of their residence. For empowering all those busy moms, we came up with these 5 best cleaning tools for home. Add these cleaning tools recommendations in your cleaning arsenal and never fail to impress anyone with your cleaning expertise when you don’t have enough time to clean.

Microfiber Cloths:

The first thing on our list of best cleaning tools for busy moms is microfiber cloth. This comes with specialized design and microfibers that contain dust particles and decrease the cleaning time you’d usually spend on countertop or elsewhere. Providing Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi, we noticed that microfiber is very effective for general cleaning or when mopping different areas of your home.


As you proceed with your cleaning activity, you’d find dusters very useful for general cleaning and dusting off soul from various articles in your living area or bedroom. The handle is added at the end by keeping ergonomic rules in mind that works beautifully to aid your cleaning activity and make the whole process very smooth. We recommend using latest duster with ergonomic designs and also make use of new cleaning dusters in our routine cleaning activities when we provide cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.

Garbage Bags:

We instruct all our cleaners and maids to carry portable garbage bags to contain different things in one place as they perform various cleaning activities. And the same advice is for all the busy moms who find cleaning difficult for various commitments that they should make use of the garbage bags to carry garbage and wastes as they move from one spot to another. You may find them easily from the grocery store on a nominal price and boost your cleaning activities with this simple hack.


Being a cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, we understand the pain to scrub out hard stains and dirt marks from different areas of your house. So we suggest including a multipurpose scrubber in your cleaning tools that will help you to treat such stain issues. Make sure the scrubber you’re using is easy to hold in your hands and the head is of good quality.

Window Cleaner:

After giving professional cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we’ve experienced that specialized window cleaners are not only cost effective but provide better cleaning results and save much time in cleaning activity. So if you’re a busy mom with unlimited list of chores, you should really add it in your cleaning tools’ list and make your life easier.

We’d love to know your cleaning experiences and stories in the comment section below. Let’s start a “clean” conversation!