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POSTED ON May 11, 2017

Are you ready for the next health inspection in your restaurant or your place is badly covered with germs and bacteria that may upset the health inspector on first glimpse? For keeping up with Abu Dhabi’s municipality rules of an ideal restaurant, you need to recheck the cleaning arrangements before the authorities pay you a visit. For your ease, we’ve underlined few restaurant cleaning tips that would help you either in selecting the ideal cleaning services in Abu Dhabi or for setting the cleaning standards. So read along and best of luck for your next restaurant inspection.

Carefully Clean Routine Utensils

The health inspectors are not interested in admiring the wall painting that you’ve installed in dining area or the music theme you’ve selected but the kitchen would be their first preference. So you, along with your cooking crew, better be ready to win his heart with a systematic, clean and hygienic environment back in the kitchen area. Ensure that you clean every utensil that you’d be using for cooking or serving purposes in your kitchen. Also, you need to pay attention on the cutting boards that the chefs use for different purposes. Use different cutting boards for each item in the first place and wash them after every use.

Clean Stoves & Ovens

The next stop, of the health inspector, could be those stoves and ovens that help you ready the delicious food items. As a matter of fact, these loyal soldiers work for you tirelessly to please your customers and fulfill their appetite and in this continuous journey of all day, they develop different stains. But these stains might not please the inspector so you need to wash them off before they stick to the surface. If they are stubborn stains, you need steam cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to get back that shiny stove and oven in your restaurant’s kitchen area.

Mop Floor & Stairs

For a professional presentation of your restaurant in Abu Dhabi you need to keep the floors, stairs and grills clean all the time. These places would be taken seriously during the inspection as if any dirt or litter found there, you might get a penalty from the inspector. If you can’t afford an in-house cleaning staff, you may find cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and contract with them on hourly basis.

Dust Off Tables & Chairs

The most used items in your dining area are those tables and chairs that your customers would be using during their visit to your restaurant. And if these items are not clean enough, who would want to stay in your restaurant so you need to keep them clean and dust off before the working hours begin. While inspection, the health inspector would also visit the dining area to ensure the cleanliness measurements of your restaurant so you better clean the tables and chairs.

Keep Washing Areas Clean

Majority of people adopt diseases from a poorly maintained washroom or sink so you need to visit washroom of your restaurant before the inspector arrives. Make sure you’ve arranged both for hot and cold water and clean towels are also available for customers to dry their hands. If you don’t want to get any penalty in shape of huge fines, you need to keep your washroom area clean and if they are not up to cleaning standards, try using deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and make them germ free.