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POSTED ON March 19, 2017

Hard work and dedication towards the work is good but have you noticed that you are leaving your traces everywhere in your workplace that disrupts the hygienic environment? Nope! It’s not an accusation but just to realize that you are disturbing the productivity level of your office unintentionally. To make it more clear, here are 5 signs that tell the story of an unproductive office. Read them to find out if you need professional office cleaning services in Abu Dhabi or you’re in safe zone.

Scattered Papers: 

Dealing with big files and papers is a common experience in offices but when you manage all the files in an unorganized manner, it may turn into a paper sea. No matter at what designation you’re working in your office but if you have a desk, you probably have to maintain records. Are you doing it in organized manner or your cubical is flooded with so many papers either crippled or clipped. Now suppose you’re searching an important document that you need during the meeting or at the end of the month. Do you think that you’ll get it on time? Because it will take too much time to finally reach that document.

Dirty Electronics:

One common hiding spot for all these dirt and dust particles can be your favorite laptop or that copier placed in a corner. Yes! If left unclean, these electronics may gather not only dust particles but also become a source of spreading unhealthy elements and diseases. So make sure the cleaning staff you’ve hired is taking care of these items that you use on daily basis. Because if they are left unclean, you may adopt a disease as majority of staff touches them on routine basis.

Contaminated Rest Rooms:

Do you use third party office cleaning services in Abu Dhabi or have an in house cleaning staff to manage all these things? Regardless of your approach for keeping the office clean, if the rest rooms are not clean then your cleaning plan is failed. From admins to receptionists, everyone needs a break and rest rooms are the only place to relax and stretch your body when you feel overwhelmed. But what benefit your rest rooms can provide you if they are contaminated with different diseases or by having a poor cleaning routine.

Piled Up Refrigerator:

Now this one is quite common in majority of offices here in Abu Dhabi as no one bothers to check refrigerators on routine basis. If we look into cafeterias, we’ll be disappointed by the way we have stuffed the refrigerators with unused food items that are about to reach expiry date. Another reason that refrigerator promotes germs is due to dirty trays and shelves and you need to do something about it ASAP. Because it can lead to decreasing attendance tendency due to increased sick leaves so act now.

Dirty Toilet Area:

Now head to the toilet area of your office and see how clean it is to be used. When a place is occupied by certain amount of people, it is natural that they’d be using toilets multiple times during the day. But if your toilets are not as clean as they should be for a safe use then you’re simply increasing the health risks for your staff.