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POSTED ON March 9, 2017

Imagine entering your home after a hectic day and you find a pile of unclean clothes waving from the shelf, how’d you react? For obvious reason, the feeling is irritating and you have no other option than spending time with your machine and miss all those activities you planned for the evening. We want you to feel relaxed so here are some laundry tips from our experience of laundry  cleaning services in Abu Dhabi that may come handy.

Have a Laundry Schedule

If you don’t have a laundry schedule at hand, you’re going to get stuck with dirty clothes when you have other commitments. So first, plan a laundry schedule to save yourself from such irritating laundry situation. If you’re living alone in a studio apartment here in Abu Dhabi, weekly laundry schedule would work for you but if you have other people living with you then simply reconsider the schedule. Instead of holding the laundry for a week, you may go with a daily laundry routine and pick a specific range of clothes to wash.

Specify Baskets for Each Member

As mentioned earlier, if you’re living with your family here in Abu Dhabi, you need to be very specific about laundry routine. We advise you to have different baskets to collect dirty clothes from each room. The plan is to put a basket in each occupied room where there’s a chance of finding dirty clothes. So ask other members to cooperate with you by collecting their dirty clothes in specified basket and bring it in the laundry area.

Setup Laundry Space

One important note here! Some people place the washing machine in random corners that are vacant which is not a wise thing to do. You need to specify a separate area for managing your laundry and cleaning clothes. So find that location where you can place the washing machine and other stuff that you’d be using during your laundry activity. Believe me, you’ll find things easier and on time.

Keep Laundry Material Handy

Have you observed that why our grandmothers (and even mothers) used to place detergents and other laundry material in one place? Because it saves our time and let us do laundry on a fast pace and this rule still applies in current era. So let’s learn from our forefathers (mothers in this case) and adopt this useful habit of placing everything in one place.

Take Care of Different Colors

However you have the option of calling professional laundry services in Abu Dhabi in but if you’re doing it yourself just keep this in mind. Do not mix colorful clothes with plain clothes especially white ones as it would mix things up. Always wash white clothes separately as they adopt color more rapidly when they’re wet.

Arrange for Ironing Stand

If you want to save the time and money, get an ironing stand in your washing area. Believe me, it’d save a lot of your time and you could be doing things faster. You collect dirty clothes, wash them off in your washing machine and iron them after drying all in one place. So do it and thank me later!

Let Professionals Handle the Laundry

By now you’ll be able to manage your laundry with a working laundry plan. But if you have a bigger pile of dirty clothes, you may simply get professionals help and manage the laundry problems. The benefit of getting laundry cleaning services in Abu Dhabi is that they make your clothes as clean as new ones you’d purchase.