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POSTED ON January 17, 2017

No doubt hospitals help people in surviving from diverse range of diseases as this is the primary purpose of each healthcare institution. But what if they become a place filled with numerous diseases and infectious substances? Would you feel safe while entering such a facility when you can spot countless cleaning issues in it that depicts poor management of infection control in hospital? Being the providers of commercial cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, our primary objective is to keep the premises clean from such elements that increase the risk of so many life threatening diseases. And being honest with our profession, we underlined some serious facts about how hospitals can be at risk of increasing diseases and infections amongst patients.

Contaminated Bedsheets & Mattresses:

We all know that each facility contains limited amount of beds that is occupied by countless patients but are they clean enough for reuse? As an experienced providers of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we are aware of the fact that patients do not pay attention on cleanliness standards initially as they are concerned about their health issues and sometimes are unconscious. But using contaminated bedsheets and mattresses can only increase the problem instead of any good. So while crafting the structure of our laundry services, we take care of this fact that bedsheets and mattresses are safe from any contamination issues.

Filthy Floors & Stairs:

Being a public spot, hospitals deal with unexpected number of visitors that bring different kind of cleaning issues. Being that said, you can’t maintain infection control in hospital with poor cleaning management. We provide professional cleaning services in Abu Dhabi that answer all your concerns regarding germ infestation in your hospital. We make sure that our cleaning methods cater your needs effectively and maintain the cleanliness on floors and stairs that people not only use but sometimes sit on.

Messy Toilet Area:

If you’re associated with administration or hold charge of cleaning department, you’ll agree that how difficult it is to maintain the toilets and keep them in clean form with unexpected number of people using it. You can’t stop people from coming in and using the toilets as it is for their comfort but what you can do is adopt a specialized cleaning solution. Make sure the cleaning products you use are of industry grade and can deal with diseases and germs quickly. For keeping with industry standards, we include only those cleaning products in our toolkit that are approved by respective monitoring institution.

Unprotected Utensils:

One very common way from where infections and diseases prevail is through the plates, glasses and other utensils that faculty use to serve food. Like bed-sheets, the staff would usually use the same amount of utensils time and again for serving meal. The question is, are they clean enough to be used again several times in a day or are they weakening your infection control in hospital premises? Think again and take action for preventing disease in hospital as this is our main objective wherever we provide our cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.