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POSTED ON December 10, 2016

So…the Christmas is about 2 weeks away and you have no idea where to start Christmas preparations right? With Christmas holidays, the responsibilities of keeping your residence clean also increases. What we observed after providing professional Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi is that preparing and cleaning your residence earlier serves you in many ways. So here are some useful Christmas cleaning tips that you may utilize to prepare for a fun Christmas back at home and keep unfavorable things away. On your marks, brooms up, clean!

Tip # 1: Time to wash carpets and rugs

Before you think about adorning the living area with a beautiful Christmas tree, decorating bulbs and ribbons, hold back your plans and look at the carpets and rugs. It’s been a long time since when you last washed your carpets on Halloween and after almost a month, they would’ve developed different kind of issues. So do something about debris and dust issues to maintain your clean and neat reputation before the guests march in shouting “Merry Christmas!!!” and end up finding the dusty rugs welcoming them in living room. Benefit from our experience of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and give your carpets and rugs a nice wash ASAP.

Tip # 2: Change sofa cushions and covers

Think of guests (elders, teenagers or kids) and sofas will naturally get your attentions so put sofas on your Christmas cleaning checklist. Nope! You don’t need to replace your sofa sets with a new one but keeping them in clean condition will definitely add weightage into your cleaning efforts on Christmas Eve. Make sure the sofas, you have, aren’t having any kind of stains or dirt marks on them. Secondly, they’re not stinking as they usually do when left uncleaned for months. Be careful with fabric if you’re doing the cleaning process yourself or else, you may get the professional sofa cleaning services.

Tip # 3: Make arrangements for those little pesky creatures

Imagine yourself having a fun time with all your family members and suddenly that cute girl dressed like an elf screams out loud. Would you allow the pest to steal away your happy moments and ruin the evening? I’m sure you won’t and that’s why we added pest control in our Christmas cleaning checklist. Conclude what kind of pest infestation problem you’re having in your apartment (or villa) and fix it before the jingles are tuned in your surroundings. Cover the holes, fix fumigation issues and make use of those pesticides dwelling in your storeroom.

Tip # 4: Maintain hygiene standards when preparing food

I’m sure you’d be having an awesome evening plan for Christmas but if it’s not healthy, it’s not worth considering. Repeat the cleaning process with all your kitchen utensils and don’t forget to clean up your fridge that’s piling up too many unused items. Make sure the dishes are done carefully and other articles are also washed carefully with approved detergents. If the whole process of kitchen clean seams a big challenge, hire professional maid services in Abu Dhabi and get the job done.

We love getting comments and initiating healthy conversations on cleaning and hygienic lifestyle. So make use of the comment section below and let the chat begin.