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POSTED ON January 22, 2018

Do you find apartment cleaning one of the unachieved challenges of your life? Not anymore as we, being a Cleaning Company in Abu Dhabi, step forward to empower you about dealing with apartment cleaning with our pro cleaning tips. We know the cringing moment when the time is running, you have other tasks to complete and the cleaning is taking too long to complete. So we compiled an easy to follow step by step checklist to manage your apartment cleaning and stay organized. Just follow the tips and make most out of your precious time.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen area usually contains more problems than any other place of your apartment. So here are the tips to make it clean in few steps:

  • Start cleaning the appliances and gently remove the thin layer of dust before going hard on stubborn marks.
  • Do the dishes and clean the dishwasher after all the plates, glasses and spoons are washed.
  • Make sure that there's no extra item on the countertops and everything is in the relevant cabinet.
  • Handle the cleaning of oven, refrigerator and other electric appliances in the last. See if general cleaning would be enough or you need to do a thorough cleaning from inside and out.

Living Area

If you have more occupants in the apartment, your cleaning challenges are likely to increase when you come to clean living area of the apartment. As a cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, we have noticed that apartments with more residents usually face difficulty in keeping the living area because not everyone is concerned about keeping the place clean. So here are the cleaning steps:

  • Start with general dusting of visible items and remove the dust layer that is making the furniture dull and unclean.
  • Later, go about cleaning the unreachable areas like area beneath the sofa or table. You'd need long brooms and other cleaning items to reach the corners of these places for kicking out the dust.
  • Now turn to clean carpets and rugs if they smell and creating discomfort for the person staying in the living area.
  • Don't forget the windows and shelves (if you have any) and see if they need your cleaning expertise.


As a cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, we always advise our customers to adopt the below mentioned steps when they go about cleaning their bedrooms on their own:

  • Change the bed sheet if it seems (and smells) dirty or dull.
  • After you're done with bedding, the next target is to pick up scattered items from the floor. This is essential if you have kids in the house.
  • If you're a bedtime reader then you also need to put back the book (or books) lying on the side table.
  • Vacuum the floor and dump the dirty rugs in washing area before you mark the bedroom as clean place of your apartment for that day.


As a cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, we understand your concerns for keeping the bathrooms clean. Do you feel overwhelmed in the quest of keeping the bathroom clean? Not anymore! Follow these tips and master the art of cleaning bathrooms:

  • Remove the bin that is containing too much crap inside it like toilet papers and hair strands.
  • Move forward to organize the mirror shelf and place back the brushes and paste tube to recreate the 'perfect look' of your mirror shelf.
  • Now it is time to sweep the water around the shower area and scrub the bathtub that usually contains mild stains of dry water.
  • Scrub out the toilet and use only industry approved cleaning products instead of selecting acid bottle if you don't want to lose its shine.

For further useful cleaning tips and receiving free cleaning services estimation, you may speak with us on 02 5511893 now.