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Being one of the best cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi


POSTED ON November 25, 2016

The leisurely time with your wife, hot cup of tea and your favorite TV show can be ruined with an unwanted guest making a sudden appearance from nowhere – Houseflies. Being one of the best cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi,  we often hear complaints regarding houseflies when they become a reason for increasing different diseases in one’s household, office or shop. But, have you ever thought that from where did house flies come from and ruin your clean and neat lifestyle? Houseflies born in dirty places and to your surprise, they have only 10-12 day’s lifecycle but still are a biggest threat for a hygienic life. We ask all our customers to monitor certain locations in their houses before the housefly infestation problem increases in their houses. And here they are!

Open Doors & Windows:

The first opportunity a housefly can avail to enter your house is through an open door or window. So it is your duty to keep them close until it is not required to keep them open for fresh air or so. Whenever we complete a pest control procedure in a property, our first advice is to keep the doors and windows close for keeping houseflies away.

Broken Window Nets:

If you wonder where housefly came from, we’d suggest you to locate any broken nets in your windows. In most cases, these little intimidating insects, that have over 1.2 million species, would use the holes and cracks in your window’s net. So before you face an increasing number of houseflies, our suggestion to you is getting these window nets fixed ASAP.

Leftovers & Spilled Food Items:

Like any other insect, houseflies love tasting ‘your food and drinks’ and that’s the reason they fly over food items most of the time. They are attracted by tasty smells of your meal so you need to be very careful about that. Whenever you eat something, make sure you trashed the leftovers appropriately. Another thing that you need to do in order to eliminate houseflies from your home is to wash any spilled beverage, dairy products or any consumable liquid that may attract houseflies.

Uncovered Garbage Bins:

In our experience as a professional pest control and cleaning company in Dubai, we’ve witnessed houseflies dwelling on garbage piles and drums. And the interesting thing is that you yourself create such luxurious residence for houseflies and you’re not aware of this fact. What our pest control team suggests is to keep the garbage bins covered properly and you can easily get rid of these annoying houseflies.

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