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POSTED ON October 9, 2017

Keeping salon clean and tidy is one of the toughest jobs for the owners in order to maintain that clean and hygienic image of their place in town. But when your job is to cut hairs, nails and use different skin products to treat the customers, encounters with dirt, dust and problematic elements are bound to happen. Being the provider of cleaning services Abu Dhabi, we help small businesses to keep their place clean, tidy and hygienic so their customers can come in worry free and get their treatments without giving any thoughts on cleaning standards of the place. Read on and discover the easy ways to keep the salon clean without disturbing your work routine.


Being the salon owner you can easily understand the importance of a clean premise and how people choose between a messy and an organized salon to get their haircuts and facials done. Look around and see if your salon offers that distinguished experience that can convince people to choose you over others? From our experience of providing cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we suggest salon owners to employ a daily cleaning plan in their routine activities so they never have to deal with excessive amount of cleaning problems. From floor to mirrors and shelves to chairs, try to keep everything as clean as you could during working hours as this is what would decide the fate of your salon business.


In salons, the main problem for the place being dirty is the amount of hairs that occupy every possible space. Due to their slenderness the hairs easily slip from your sight and create different issues with respect to the cleanliness of the place. When giving a customer hair treatment, try to work in a way that they don’t spread all over the place. Even if they spread over the floor while you’re busy giving the customers awesome haircut, try to remove them as quickly as you can once you’re finish with the job. Trash them in basket before they spread away and hide in corners (especially when shampooing the hairs). Once the hair pile up in basin and pipes, you’ll have no other option than calling in a plumber before getting cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.


It is understood that you have to deal with different products to satisfy the customers with their desired haircuts and looks. In the middle of impressing them, you use different products simultaneously and fill up the shelf. It looks ugly when you’re done working on your customer’s face, hairs or nails and the new customer gets a bad impression from your disorganized working practices. If you don’t want to lose new customers, you need to work in an organized way and place each item back when it has done its job. This way you can keep the salon tidy and you’d need to call in the cleaning services in Abu Dhabi lesser than before.


One very important note here for all the salon owners and that is to dispose the trash bags properly instead of storing them for days inside your salon. They not only look bad but also spread diseases and various health related issues that gives your customers a negative impression about your business. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, ask the providers of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to provide a customized solution to manage the waste disposal for your salon and keep everyone (including yourself) safe from any issue in future.