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How to Clean a Sofa this winter

POSTED ON February 7, 2017

Sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi are not an easy task to find with a busy schedule. The reason is that it takes time because the UAE is a highly populated state. Still, there are methods and techniques to take care of. Here is how to clean a sofa and remove stains from your furniture.

Wash your removable covers

If your sofa has removable covers, then you are lucky because washing them is quite easy. Before you begin cleaning, make sure you have checked the care label and are familiar with the quality of the removable covers. There are times when the housewives do not know that their removable covers have come with temporary colors. It means if they are washed off, their colors get damaged. So, it is important that you are aware of the tips mentioned on the care label.

Keep new sofas where there is no dust

If you have just bought a new sofa, then you must be looking for sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. It is true that numerous cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi are providing such services. But most the cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi are good for nothing since they cost high and their services are simply a waste of time and money. So, why don’t you try cleaning sofas yourself this winter! Keep new sofas where there is no dust. Remember that sofas and chairs are highly vulnerable to surface stains, dust, and dirt.

Moreover, grime can embed into their fibers, so you have to be very careful. Even when you are confident that a particular room has no dust, then still you should make sure that sofas and new furniture items are kept where there are the lesser number of doors and windows.

Use Upholstery Cleaning Products

It is true that sofa cleaning in Abu Dhabi is going to be a difficult challenge for you especially when you have just relocated and don’t know what to do. Our suggestion is that you purchase upholstery cleaning products from a nearby store. These products come in different qualities, brands, and their costs are reasonable. Their best quality is that these remove stains from your furniture easily, and keep your sofas and chairs neat and clean. Some of the best products in this regard are mild laundry detergents, white vinegar, baby wipes, and others. You would find other varieties too. Their materials vary. Furniture cleaning with such products is not a science. In fact, it is an easy task that would take only a few minutes once you start working and paying attention to your cleaning job. Keep in mind that furniture cleaning is not one of the epic duties you might think. It is, in fact, a quick and fun-filled activity. You just have to follow the above mentioned simple steps to have fresh and bright looking sofas and furniture items.