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POSTED ON April 9, 2017

The view from your apartment’s window looks amazing when you get up early in the morning and get to see this beautiful Emirate of Abu Dhabi. No matter you’re at work, relaxing on your sofa or standing near the glass window, the glass benefits you in many ways. But what are you doing for it in return for all these benefits especially when it gets dirty?

While keeping the air out and bearing sunlight, glass windows get dirty and need special cleaning treatment. This is the time when you call window cleaning services in Abu Dhabi or get out your cleaning kit to deal with stain and marks. We know you love your glass doors and windows so sharing some easy tips for window cleaning in 3 easy steps.

Prepare everything for cleaning process

No matter that you’re hiring professional window cleaning services in Abu Dhabi or managing the cleaning process yourself, you first need to prepare everything. You don’t need to buy all the cleaning tools but just 3 items like cleaning solution, a mopping cloth and some old newspaper would do the job. If the windows or doors are too large to be cleaned while standing straight, you’ll also need a ladder to reach the top section.

When you feel that you have everything that you’d need during the process, roll up your sleeves and start cleaning your window. Start with spraying the solution you made or bought from the supermarket. Make sure that every section of your window is wet while you spray the solution and carefully mop the glass.

Clean the glass windows & doors

After when the windows are wet and fully covered with cleaning solution, you need to start mopping phase. Here’s a little catch! When you start cleaning your window glass, do not move your arm horizontally or vertically. If you go with this approach, you will leave some water each time you lift the mopping cloth up. Instead of doing that, you may clean the glass in an ‘S’ shape without leaving any water drops behind.

Okay! So here comes the part when you can make your window glass look like new by using a newspaper. Yup! You heard me right that we’ll be using a newspaper that I mentioned above to make your glass look completely clean and new. You might be noticing some wet lines on your glass even after cleaning it with a mopping cloth. What newspapers do is to remove that lines and give you a crystal clear view through the window so you can enjoy the city life at any time of the day.

Repeat the process again

You have done an amazing job in just 3 steps but still you’ve got much to do. By now, you’ll have the idea how to clean the glass window so you need to repeat these 3 steps on the other side of the glass to make it completely clean and new. You can make every glass based item as clean as it appears to be a new one by following these simple glass cleaning steps.