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POSTED ON March 4, 2017

Whether it’s the windows, table or mirror, the glass makes everything even more attractive and charismatic. But the problem with glass based fixtures is that they get pretty messy when placed in open places. One rule of thumb is to get cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and make your glass based fixtures sparkling clean again. So here we’ve shared some DIY steps by which you can clean your glass windows, tables and almost anything that involves glass.

Collect cleaning supplies:

Before you do anything, do one thing and that is to gather all the cleaning supplies that you’d need during the cleaning process. Think how professionals from a cleaning company clean the glass and get all those necessary items. You'd need a piece of fiber cloth, a bowl and an old newspaper. Apart from these items, also arrange for a toothbrush (don't worry, I'll explain its use later in this post)

Cover corners of frame:

One more thing that I forgot to mention in previous paragraph and that is to arrange for extra cloths or towels. Before you get down to the business, you need to take care of the frames that are usually not very water friendly. And you'd not want them to get ruined in the cleaning process. So cover the bottom of the frames holding the glass in place. This way you can easily block the way of splattered water that might fell on the frame during the process.

Prepare cleaning solution:

Okay let's get that bowl out of your magic bag (pun intended) and prepare the mixture that you'd use throughout the cleaning process. The secret of most of the cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi is that they just don't use plain water and make use of white vinegar. Yep! When mixed with white vinegar, water becomes a proven solution for dealing with dirty glass-based fixtures. You can adopt this practice from these cleaning services and prepare a vinegar based solution to clean your glass.

Initiate the cleaning process:

Coming to the next step of our cleaning process, let's get your hands dirty and initiate the glass cleaning process. Use a spray bottle or dip the fiber cloth in bowl. Use a wringer to extract the excessive amount of water from the cloth and dampen the glass. Now start cleaning the glass from center by moving your hand in anti-clockwise direction and make a circle. Gradually increase the size of your circle to cover every part of your glass.

Use toothbrush for cleaning thin corners:

You'd find the results same like a professional you might have hired from a cleaning company in Abu Dhabi but there's another step before you end your cleaning procedure. Now pick up that brush I asked you to include in your cleaning supplies and start cleaning the thin corners of your glass and frame. This would help you exclude any minor dirt particle that the cloth might have missed.

Polish the glass and you're done:

Finally, coming to the last step of your glass cleaning process is here. Pick up the old newspaper and cripple it by using full force of your hand. Now start rubbing the glass with a gentle force. By doing this, you’ll find the glass in its purest and cleanest form. Celebrate! As you’ve done an awesome job same like a cleaning company in Abu Dhabi would have performed on your glass based items.