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POSTED ON December 14, 2016

Imagine yourself wearing that beautiful white dress you bought from Khalidiyah and suddenly your arm shakes ending up ruining your amazing dress. Feeling sorry about your beautiful white dress would not return its cleanliness so you have to roll up your sleeves and benefit from our experience of laundry and Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi. We’ve gathered some amazing tips from our cleaning services experience for removing stains on clothes. So without beating around the bush, let’s get to the point and talk some laundry stuff.

Removing Ice Cream Stains:

Enjoyed with your friends at Baskin Robbins’? Maybe you liked the ice cream so much that you forgot to keep it off your white shirt right? No worries as ice cream stains are not that hard to treat if you know how to remove them the right way. All you need to do is soaking the affected part in water and let the water do its job by fading the ice cream stains. You may use detergent to soak the shirt in cold water and after when the stain is getting lighter, give it a laundry treatment with warm water. Iron it up and your white shirt is ready to be used again on the next business meeting.

Get Rid of Juice Stains:

No doubt that protein juices are good for health but not for white dresses especially if you’re out on a special occasion. You were enjoying your lemon juice at Lebanese’ and got juice stains on your beautiful white dress? No worries as we have a solution (from our experience of laundry and cleaning services in Abu Dhabi) for removing lemon juice stains from your favorite clothes. Enzyme presoak, detergent and warm water is all you need for removing juice stains. Just soak your clothes for about 30 minutes and get back that stain-free look of your favorite white dress.

Remove Dye Stains:

Whether you’re a hair specialist or just giving your white hairs a special treatment on a Sunday afternoon, removing dye stains is not that difficult. As you get dye stains anywhere on your clothes, treat the affected area with cold water to get rid of excessive stain area. This will soften the grip of stain particles and make your work easy when you wash your clothes in warm water. Just make sure the water is warm enough to kick out dye stains and let you save your favorite white clothes.

Coffee Stains Treatment:

Getting coffee stains is quite common when you’re consumed in preparing a business presentation at your office or having an interesting chat with your girlfriends at Ninar. But don’t panic as you witness that ugly blotch of coffee on your favorite dress. All you need to do is soaking it up for around 30 minutes in cold water, rub the coffee stains gently after applying detergent and that’s it.

Have something to say about stains? We’d love to hear from you so use the comment section below and share some interesting tips with us.