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POSTED ON December 27, 2017

The world is facing global warming challenge and the effort to deal with it is about 10-20 percent on part of the humans. Being the providers of cleaning services Abu Dhabi, we strongly believe that our children can play a vital role in promoting the green initiatives to make the world (and UAE in particular) a livable place for everyone. For that, we extend our cleaning expertise to schools, colleges and other educational institutes to help the faculty in realizing the students the value of following green practices for a cleaner environment.


EGBC - Emirates Green Building Council - held a meeting with the educationists and industry leaders to discuss about the kind of role classrooms and schools can plan in green practice's promotion last month. The agenda of this meeting was to highlight the reforms that every institute is making within its capacity in which schools are deemed of a very important role. Along with enlightening the students with knowledge, if teachers divert student's attention towards the eco-friendly initiatives then it can make a positive difference in the society.

Director of Taka Solutions (Charles) stated that green practices are not just limited to conserving energy but more than that. It also includes reducing noise pollution, keeping air clean and energy efficient means to obtain light.

Representing GEMS Wellington Primary School in this meeting, Rebecca Garnett shed the light on the activities the school arranges to encourage students in sharing their individual efforts for keeping the environment clean. She went on to state that the school has initiated a competition called 'The Living Rainforest' that aims to encourage students on reusing old items from their garage and making something constructive and useful out of recycled items.

As the providers of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we share the opinions and views of Charles and Rebecca as such physical activities spark a sense of saving nature in young minds. Such activities are a great way to transform them from a simple citizen to into a savior of nature and make more efforts by utilizing their knowledge and help from the parents/teachers.


As the providers of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we value and appreciate all the efforts that some Emirati schools are making but other schools also need to join them in deriving quick results in this regard. We are always ready to offer our cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to educational institutes but there are certain activities that they need to perform on their own. To give you an idea about the kind of activities that schools can perform, here are some suggestions.


As the provider of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we strongly believe that change comes from within instead forcing something onto someone. It is the duty of teachers that they keep their students engaged in positive discussion to save the planet and utilize the green practices on individual level. You may organize small sessions to let these future titans of UAE to voice their opinions and propose different solutions to preserve the environment.


We waste electricity carelessly in our routine operations either at work or when staying at home during weekends. Children mimic what they perceive from their surroundings so they will continue this tradition of wasting energy even when there is no use of it. Institutes that study green practices and their impact suggest that we should unplug the switches from socket when an electronic device is not in use. Similarly, you may utilize the sunlight during the day to save energy and continue your regular activities within the class. Don’t limit this thought to yourself but also deliver it to those beautiful minds that would take the command in coming days.


Air pollution is one of the uncontrollable challenges of UAE that need our attention. Discuss the ways that we can use on our own to prevent air pollution and involve students in small group tasks to prepare reports for keeping the air clean. Discuss the basic roots of air pollution with your students and also encourage them to discover the solutions to minimize it by the help of their parents or elder siblings.


A useful activity to do in your classroom is to encourage the trend of recycling within your students. Explain them the importance of recycling trashed items that could be used in another way and give them small assignments to make something out of useless items that have been dumped into garage. This would also help them in enhancing their creative muscles by making efforts and seeing something with another perspective.

For further discussion on how we can help your school in keeping the environment green and safe for students and faculty, you may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 25326464 now.