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POSTED ON December 14, 2017

Be it healthcare or cleaning matters of the country, the royal family has never left any stone unturned in making this land a perfect place to reside. In early days of December 2017, we saw Crown Prince in action when he stepped forward to initiate an environmental cause by diving into the water at Marina. As the providers of cleaning services Abu Dhabi, this act from such personality was very proud for us as we share the same values i.e. to keep the UAE clean.

It’s not the first time when our crown prince (Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum) has done something unusual to inspire and motivate the people of UAE. Before that, he encouraged people with 30x30 Challenge to get in shape and stay health. When individuals from UAE’s leadership are doing their part to set a positive example for the world, why can’t we do the same by remaining in our capacity?

Alright…But what can I do?

cleaning services abu dhabi

As the providers of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we don’t mean to leave your jobs and start living in forest to support the green initiatives. But we do urge you to change small habits that become the reason of big environmental disasters from time to time. We believe that if everyone does his part in making something good then we can really achieve the ideology of respected Crown Prince who wants to see the UAE as one of the best places to live in and make a difference in a positive way. Since the year 2017 is almost reaching to its end and we have a whole new year in front of us to write the possibilities for making it a great year, we have something to suggest you.

Come! Let’s Make UAE Amazing…

cleaning services abu dhabi

To show you that one man can make a difference by doing little things on daily basis, we’ve put some useful pledges to take for coming year. See…there is always something an individual can do to make things good. So read along, and pick a pledge to add into your new year’s resolution:

  • Anti Littering Week
  • Food Justice Week
  • Grey Water Week
  • No Plastic Week
  • Reuse Movement

Pledge # 1: Anti Littering Week

cleaning services abu dhabi

It’s not you but we all behave carelessly sometimes and spread wrappers, empty cups and other things while eating something in a restaurant or walking down the road. But the little carelessness causes big blunders as happened with British citizens back in 2015 that were in the list of worst countries with respect to littering problem as states The Guardian. So as the providers of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we recommend you to look around and see if you’re doing justice with your neighborhood? You don’t need to do much but fist stop littering for a week initially in year 2018. Take up this #ANTILITTERINGWEEK initiative and spread awareness about this activity in your family and friends to resolve this issue for good on your part.

Pledge # 2: Food Justice Week

While catching up the trains to work or reaching somewhere early sometimes makes us leave the food uneaten. Some even go beyond in leaving the leftovers on the table without thinking that it not only attracts insects but also proves us as a careless nation. The #FOODJUSTICEWEEK is basically about eating only healthy food but we may always alter the rules for a noble cause. Why don’t you take up a pledge in coming year that you won’t waste food and avoid leaving leftovers to share your part in the betterment of the society? Don’t force anyone to do the same against their will but explain the benefits of taking up this pledge. Because when people realize the good your act is bringing in the society, they will naturally walk into your footstep.

Pledge # 3: Grey Water Week

cleaning services abu dhabi

Do you have a weird habit of keeping the tab running while shaving beard or when doing dishes? Have you realized how many water have you wasted that could have been used by someone else? Another initiative that you can take up in 2018 is to preserve the water and use only the required amount of it. In most of the cases the water is wasted during laundry, bathing or dish washing process and I think you know what you need to do by taking up the #GREYWATERWEEK pledge.

Pledge # 4: No Plastic Week

cleaning services abu dhabi

From many years the scientists have forced us to realize the importance of using paper bags over plastic but due to their cheap cost and other factors we simply ignored them. It resulted in global warming and now the atmosphere is standing at an unstable position. We, being the providers of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, believe that it’s never too late to do something good and fix things. So here’s another idea that you can try in 2018 of reducing the use of plastic based items – let alone the shopping bags. And if you want some inspiration, go read about the inspiring story of Abdul Muqeet who has already started his contributions at the age of 11 in reducing the plastic usage.

Pledge # 5: Reuse Movement

When things break down or wear out, we usually throw them away, right? There are certain people that turn the useless items around and make use of them to their fullest. The #REUSEMOVEMENT all about to make the right usage of items that don’t serve their primary purpose and I think you’ll find this video from Karinka Oli very informative to take up this pledge.

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