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POSTED ON November 30, 2017

As a provider of cleaning services Abu Dhabi, we believe that the contribution of technology in transforming our comfortable lifestyle is remarkable but this was all just a beginning of a new era. You’ve seen human cleaners with hi-tech machinery to clean the floors in places like Marian Mall or Wal-Mart but what if I tell you that there would be driverless mopping machines just like the automobiles used in Bond movie series? Yes, there is some really cool stuff that we can expect from artificial intelligence gurus that have taken a pledge to make our lives more exciting with robotic cleaning equipments.


Brain Corp, a computer software company, has announced its plans to put AI technology to enhance the capabilities of floor mopping machines [Read Here]. The company has planned to replace human based drivers with software that could be operated by a single man (or two) for operating the floor mopping machines in shopping malls, restaurants and any kind of public place. The idea is to increase efficiency in cleaning services and reduce cost that an organization usually bears in account of managing maintenance expenses.

Eugene Izhikevich - CEO of Brain Corp - showed his enthusiasm and excitement for teaming up with other tech companies for making this dream a reality in quickest time possible. We've seen the wonders the AI can do in shape of Flying Taxi in Dubai and now it’s time for the cleaning industry to witness its potential.


When we speak about robotic floor cleaners, we can expect certain changes the cleaning industry would see in its operations. Here are those changes:

  • Deploying technological advancement in cleaning industry means there will be lesser manpower required to manage the operations.
  • It also indicates that a single man would be enough to manage the cleaning of different floors simultaneously as he would be controlling the machines equipped with AI technology.
  • The inception of robotic floor cleaner also indicates that organizations can continue their operations in presence of these machine cleaners.
  • The initiation of robotic cleaning operations would also benefit the organizations in reducing the cleaning costs. Means where they used to spend a huge budget on a cleaning staff, they would be able to reduce the expenses with a few machines instead.


Already feeling excited about it all? Well, you need to hold your excitements till the robots enter our lives through a proper channel. Before this assumption becomes a reality, here are some possible complications the implementations would see in their initial days:

  • The cost would be one of the biggest challenges for AI enabled machine developers as if they have to win this market they have to provide the services at a competitive cost.
  • As everything takes time to get perfect so never forget about the malfunctions and a dedicated maintenance staff to take care of these machine cleaners.
  • It’s true that machines drive more accurate results but that accuracy is not possible until a human eye monitors the operations. So these robots would always need a human supervisor instead of total dependency on artificial intelligence.

Want to share your views on this advancement? Use the comment section below and let us know what you think about robotic floor cleaners.