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maids in abu dhabi


POSTED ON October 12, 2017

Abu Dhabi – being one of the busiest places in the world – keeps everyone occupied from dawn to dusk that people find it hard to manage routine chores due to this busyness. You might be heading to the office, preparing for the next big meeting or planning for the family get-together and in the middle of all these activities, you fail to tidy up the place, don’t you? This is where the idea hits your mind of hiring maids in Abu Dhabi that is not very new concept for many. But still there are some people that have not identified the full potential of this kind of service. So we thought to give you an insight of hiring maids in Abu Dhabi to invest your money in right manner and know what you’re getting in return out of this investment.


The idea of offering the service of maids in Abu Dhabi is to ease up your routine challenges that you face while doing dishes, tidying up the bedroom or replacing cushion covers. They might be random routine activities but they do require time and care to be done in right manner and bring desired results. When other commitments hold you back from giving proper attention to different sections of your apartment, the maids handle the duties very responsibly to bring the beautiful and organized view of your place. Their services are not restricted to tidying up the bed, changing curtains or mopping the floor as they can also help you in doing dishes, ironing the clothes and take care of any toddler in your apartment.


When you hire maids in Abu Dhabi the biggest concern that you face is the trust element that is hard to expect from a stranger. You hire a complete stranger to come at your place, manage different things on your behalf whether you’re around or away from them. And anyone would hold back when they are to get third party services and they don’t know the person’s nature and character. Upon hiring maids in Abu Dhabi, the policies also include total privacy of the customers and their personal issues being discussed during the service. So you can have total peace of mind with respect to your personal space and problems like gossips.


The cost of employing a maid for full time doesn’t allow anyone to stay in their budget line especially in Abu Dhabi. So we wanted to offer something more convenient, viable and accessible to the general public and came up with an idea of offering maid services on hourly basis. We understand that you might not be comfortable with a general working hour that most services offer. So when you want to hire maids in Abu Dhabi, you should have time flexibility to get the services for 1, 2 or any hour(s) convenient to you. Just pay for the hours that you want the maids to work and save money on maid services instead of employing a maid for full time.