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POSTED ON November 8, 2017

Keeping your commercial premise organized and clean helps you in many ways to retain the customers – especially when your shop sells electronics. If you own a camera shop in Dubai’s top location then you should never underestimate the importance of a clean place that could convince people to buy from you. As the providers of shop cleaning services Abu Dhabi, we understand that when you are already too much busy in sorting routine matters, the cleaning part of the shop gets neglected. If you’re worried about adding the right cleaning practices in your day resolution then this post is a perfect answer to all your queries. So we compiled this easy-to-follow cleaning list to help you keep the shop clean and tidy. Read on and benefit from our cleaning expertise!

Shop Cleaning Checklist:

We’ve divided this checklist according to possible sections of your camera shop so you can easily adopt the cleaning recommendations mentioned herein and skip the sections that don’t apply to your premise.


  • Add general cleaning activities in your routine work resolutions when you open the shop or while closing it at the night.
  • Never let clutter prevail across the place as it would scare the customers off and you’ll find it very difficult to continue your business activities.
  • As a provider of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, we always ask our customers to dust off visible places like shelves, stairs and doors and never let that thin layer of dust cover them.

Entrance/Exit Points

  • The first thing that anyone is going to notice in your shop is the entrance/exit point so never leave them dirty and keep them clean.
  • Never let the spillage and garbage block the way of your customers at any time of the day and prevent such situations from disturbing your routine activities.
  • Try to mop the floor multiple times near the entrance/exit points to welcome your customers with a clean one instead of losing them.


  • Probably the last encounter you’ll have with the customers – that are interested in your camera related products – is at the cash counter/reception. Keep them clean
  • Keep a dusting cloth near you and use it often during working hours to prevent fingerprints and marks that make your glass dirty.
  • Keep the area near reception very organized and tidy all the time as a messy place can cause distraction and lead you to lose the customers.


  • Most of the times the restrooms become prey of clutter and dust due to carelessness of the staff members so you need to keep them clean.
  • You should empty ashtrays and dustbins on routine basis to stop diseases and germs from spreading across the shop.
  • And keep a separate smoking area for smokers to keep your restroom usable for other staff members.
  • Keep the floor, fixture and every item clean for preventing diseases and if you feel the need of third party cleaning services in Abu Dhabi once in a while, don’t hesitate in investing in that service.

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